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At FIXTUR3D, we excel in crafting superior 3D printed fixtures tailored specifically for the demanding needs of the metrology field. Our process begins with a detailed consultation to understand your unique requirements and measurement challenges. Leveraging advanced design software and our expertise in metrology, we meticulously design fixtures that optimize accuracy and efficiency. Once the design phase is complete, we employ state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies to fabricate fixtures with precision and durability. Rigorous quality control measures ensure that each fixture meets stringent industry standards, delivering reliable performance for your metrology applications.

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond fabrication. We continuously refine our techniques and materials to stay ahead of technological advancements, ensuring that our 3D printed fixtures remain at the forefront of the industry. Whether you require prototypes, customized solutions, or full-scale production runs, FIXTUR3D is dedicated to providing you with unparalleled expertise and quality in 3D printed fixtures for metrology.

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Available Materials

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure optimal performance and durability of our 3D printed fixtures. Our extensive selection of materials allows us to tailor each solution to the specific requirements of your application, ensuring the best fit for the job. From robust metals to advanced polymers, we offer a wide variety of forms to meet the diverse needs of the metrology industry.

  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

  • PLA / PLA+ (polylactic acid)

  • PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol)

  • Nylon

  • TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)

  • PVA (polyvinyl alcohol)

  • HIPS (high impact polystyrene)

  • Composites (carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass)

Modular Fixture Systems

Our modular fixture design allows for quick and easy interchangeability, providing unmatched flexibility and efficiency. This innovative approach enables rapid adjustments and replacements, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Whether you need to switch out fixtures for different applications or update designs, our modular system ensures a seamless and hassle-free process.

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